Motel 3

The early morning air is crisp and cold. I walk down the walkway of the motel with my maid’s cart. My new coworker, Tamara, is talking nonstop about how happy she is to be here. Meanwhile, I’d rather be dead. We have done about three rooms so far this morning and I’m already over it. Continue reading “Motel 3”


“Day twenty-six!” I scream at the top of my lungs. I glance down and mumble to myself, “Twenty-six.” I take a sip of my vodka and relax in the raggedy armchair near the window; I look out, but all I see is blackness. The same blackness that is behind all the exits. I am stuckContinue reading “Prison”


As the astronauts reenter Earth’s atmosphere, they feel a sense of accomplishment. Their capsule began parachuting into the Atlantic, where ships were strategically waiting for them. The three of them had made it to Mars and back, something people had only been dreaming of.  “Good job, everyone! Our achievements will be taught for generations!” oneContinue reading “Missing”

Doctor Love

I scribble out my notes in anger for the millionth time.  “Why?” I scream and put my head in my hands. “Why can’t I figure this out? Such a simple emotion evades me.”  I hear a shriek and look up at the rat that I dosed with my concoction. It screams and foams from itsContinue reading “Doctor Love”

I Can Hear You

“Mom!” I hear someone scream. “What?” I shout back as I walk to the living room and see my two kids arguing.  My oldest, Jennifer, rolls her eyes.  “Yeah right. You’re such a liar, Sam.”  “I’m not lying! It was there!” my youngest, Samuel, screams.  “Stop it you two!” I say sternly. “Now, get onContinue reading “I Can Hear You”

Dig Deep

It is dark. I look up but see nothing, only blackness. “Help!” I scream. It echoes in a small space. I put my hands up and hit something. A surface. My hands run along it. It’s wooden. I feel all around me. I’m trapped. “Somebody, please!” I begin to panic. I hit the wood. ItContinue reading “Dig Deep”

The Hitchhiker

The silence is killing me.  “So, East you say?” I try starting the conversation.  “Yeah,” she says coldly, her eyes never leaving the road.  “How far East?”  “Far.” “What are you going for?” I say, trying to keep it alive. She gives a brief smile and says, “School.” I look over at her, her smileContinue reading “The Hitchhiker”


I was at home with my family when they took me. We saw them coming and knew it was time. I had outlived my purpose. I have nothing left to give. I could try to run and hide, but what good would it do? I said my goodbyes and kissed my children. I looked upContinue reading “Slaughter”

Deer to my Heart

Fyi, I made this intentionally cliché so don’t judge it to harshly! “Tammie! Stop!” Rebecca giggles. “I don’t even like Luke like that.” Tammie is mercilessly teasing her about the guy in the driver’s seat.  “Sure you don’t!” “Rebecca! Tammie! Could you two, like, shut up? You’re making it hard to concentrate on the map!”Continue reading “Deer to my Heart”


The number one phobia is claustrophobia: the fear of small spaces. If you look up the definition of a phobia, it will say that it’s an irrational fear, a fear of something that poses little to no real threat to you. Yet still, people are scared shitless. It can cause people to feel extreme dreadContinue reading “Phobia”

My Love

So I wrote this story with two ends. I’ve asked a lot of people which one is best and they gave a lot of different answers. Therefore, I am going to post them both! Feel free to comment your favorite ending!! Ending 1 I loved her. She was everything to me. I can’t live withoutContinue reading “My Love”

The Call

A man and his wife are resting quietly in a living room watching TV. Nothing is being said between them, the Tv filling the silence. The phone rings.  “Who could be calling at this hour?” the wife grumbles.  “I’ll go check it out,” the man says as he puts down his newspaper. He walks overContinue reading “The Call”

The Deal

They tie the girl down to a chair. Her wrists are in hot pain from the ropes. Sweat drips from her brow, making her thick eyeliner trickle down her face. “Please,” she weakly pleads. She’s been here for ages, praying and pleading. They won’t take notice. “Begone foul beast!” A priest shrieks and throws holyContinue reading “The Deal”

The End

“It’s the end of times! Hell is upon us! Demons will walk the Earth! You are damned to Hell unless you come with us!” I hear a priest yelling over the TV. I change the channel.  “Flooding in the northern hemisphere due to the ice melting causing an abundance of water,” a news broadcaster says.Continue reading “The End”

Crime Scene

POLICE REPORT Case Number: _369753___ Date: _02/26/1982_ Reporting Officer: _Maxis____ Prepared by:_Maxis___ DETAILS OF THE EVENT The officers arrive at 1863 Maple Street, a quiet suburban home, at 01:12 AM.  A well-dressed man and his wife answer the door.  Upon questioning, everything seems normal until the man turns around. There is blood on his back. Continue reading “Crime Scene”


It’s dark. I can’t see anything. Are my eyes even open? “Where am I? It’s cold. So cold I should be shivering, but I’m not. I put my hands across my chest for warmth. My bare skin is like ice to the touch. I must be naked but that’s not the weird part. I runContinue reading “Morgue”

Dear Diary

To become a catholic nun you must complete the steps: Meet other nuns to see if it’s right for you. Meet with a member of the religious community. Often through one of the nuns. Aspirancy (3-4 weeks) Postulancy (1 year) Novitiate (2 years) First Vows (a temporary vow that lasts 3 years) Final Vows  InContinue reading “Dear Diary”


I can hardly stand the sight. The smell makes me want to vomit. The noises are too loud! I can’t take this anymore. Please, make it stop. All of this is running through my brain when I walk into the room. The entire room is covered in a heavy layer of red. Chunks of matterContinue reading “Truth”


“Daddy!” I hear a small voice whisper. I open my eyes and see a small figure standing next to my bed. It’s my six-year-old daughter, Stacey. “Yes, dear,” I mumble, trying not to fall back asleep. “There is something in my room.” “Are you sure it wasn’t a bad dream, pumpkin?” I say as aContinue reading “Closet”


One day there was a house. It looked like a sweet tiny little house in a nice neighborhood. A girl named Beth bought it, but she did not know that she wouldn’t be in it alone. “Finally, my own house, ” Beth thought. She carried her boxes inside, as the moving truck drove away. SheContinue reading “Fever”


“I’ve got to do this. For my family. They’re depending on this,” I said brushing my hand through my hair. “I can’t run away from this. Without this money,” I can’t even finish the sentence. I sit in a dark room, alone. I hear a loud noise and the lights come on. A nicely dressedContinue reading “Life”


I’m just laying here, staring at the ceiling. It’s pitch black and my brain hasn’t stopped talking. That’s all i can hear. Its hateful words surround me in this bed. Each moment gets louder and louder. I can’t take this anymore! I jump up and grab a knife and a drill. These are the onlyContinue reading “Freedom”

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