Ouija Call Center

“Today is the day,” I thought to myself. “I have been waiting my whole life for this. I can do this.” I looked in the mirror and made sure nothing was in my teeth and my horns were sharp. My pale complexion was on point. I walked out of the company bathroom and up to the doors I have always longed to open. I could hear the screams and chatter from behind them. “Ouija Call Center,” the sign read. I must have read it a million times. Each letter sketched into my brain. This was my calling. My niche. 

Suddenly the door flung open. “You’re here! I was worried you would make it! Let me show you your desk,” said a tall demon with curly horns. I followed behind him as we walked down aisles of desks full of demons scaring the living souls. It looked as though I imagined. 

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” I yelled nervously.

“Good. You were top of your class and we need new blood. Our tactics are getting old. The movies about us are just awful these days,” He explained as we reached my new desk. It was perfect. This five by five space was going to my perfect piece of Hell. “It comes with a standard ouija board but feel free to personalize it as much as you want,” the tall demon encouraged. He put his hand in my shoulder and said, “I’m expecting big things from you! We are going to watch your first call to see if you are cut out for this.” Then he walked away. 

I walked up to the desk and put down my bag. I pulled out the super sweet ouija board my mother bought me. I hooked it into the wall. It connects to the core, at the core demons and people can communicate. I sat and waited for my first call. I tried to remember the things from my years of training. 

It only took a minute for it to ring. The pointer moved to “Hello.” My palms got sweaty and I started to shake. I put my hand in the heart shaped pointer. Now that I was connected, I can alter their surroundings with my mind. I could also see the people. The vision of them was projected into my mind from the board. It was a group of teenagers. Not very surprising. Two females and one male sat in a dining room all putting their hands on the pointer. 

One girl giggled and exclaimed she was ‘so scared’. I moved the pointer. “Y-O-U-W-I-L-L-B-E,” I messaged. 

The other girl turned to the boy, “that’s not funny.” 

“I didn’t do it!” He yelled. I began to make the lights flicker. Haunting 101. 

The girl looked scared as she moved the board, “D-I-D-Y-O-U-D-O-T-H-A-T-?” I smiled and knew this was going to be great. The bosses would totally think I’m cool. 

“Yes” I moved. The group jumped back. I made the table shake and the doors open and close. The boy moved the pointer next, “S-H-O-W-U-S-W-H-A-T-Y-O-U-C-A-N-D-O” 

My stomach filled with butterflies and I couldn’t stop smiling. Now it was time. 

“L-E-T-S-P-L-A-Y” I messaged. I pulled the pointer from their hands. I spun it around. It pointed at the boy and I flicked it into his stomach. His eyes got wide and he tried to speak. Blood came pouring out. I pulled out the pointer with a gurgle. I used it to draw a symbol on his forehead. I wanted the first one to be impactful but small. The girls sat in silence until one began to scream and run. I locked the windows and doors. Her face distorted in fear. Her blonde hair falling in front. She slumped down onto the floor. 

 The other girl picked up the pointer and messaged, “W-H-Y-?”

 I laughed. 


Tears came down her face. She grabbed her head. Running her fingers through her black locks. I made the dead boy’s eyes roll into his head and laugh. She began to yell for it to stop but it had only started. 

“There has to be a way out, Becky,” The blonde yelled.

“It’s no use, Ash. We are going to die here,” Becky said.

I opened a window. To create false hope. Ash bolted to it. “We can get out of here! I can fit through this!” She started to put her legs out. 

“No! Ash it’s a trap!”

I shut it with her legs dangling out. It flung down so hard it broke the bones. “Help! Oh god! I need help!” she cried.

The other girl ran to her side. She tried to pull her out. The flesh in her legs ripping. Blood splattered everywhere. I pulled the bone out of her leg. She screamed and Becky tried to push it back in. I used the sharp broken end to slit the Ash’s throat. She fell to the ground, eyes rolled back and a gurgling laugh came out. I moved the pointer to “goodbye.” 

I came out of the vision. I heard my name being called on the intercom. I reported to the designated room. Five demons sat around a long table. “Sit,” they commanded. “You did good for your first time,” 

My cold heart skipped a beat. “Thank you, sir!”

“We are hoping to see some improvement in the small details but you seem to be able to get the job done. Your use of false hope mixed with constant laughter created a nice feel of hopelessness and mental damage. Also nice use of weapons. Never seen the bone thing before! Welcome aboard!”

Resting Witch Face

It’s march of 1692. 

The courthouse is full for another witch trial. 

Samantha Briggs is on trial.

“Samantha, the charges against you are overwhelming.” The judge announces.

“They aren’t true! I’m not a witch! You have to believe me!” Samantha pleads.

“Stop! Stop your lying. You have hurt these poor girls!”

Three teenage girls sit in the front of the court rows. They all have a smirk on their faces.

“I have not! They are the guilty ones. They are only doing this because I won’t do their bidding.” Samantha screams.

One of the girls starts to pretend to choke. The others started to follow. 

“Stop hurting them!” The judge yells.

“I’m not. If it was me you’d know it.” Samantha’s voice changed from scared to evil. Everyone went silent. The girls froze in fear. 

“I knew you were a witch! You shall die just like your brethren did.” The judge gloated.

“Ha! You’ve killed more innocent people then brethren. We still walk among you, because you are easily tricked. Those girls made you think anyone was a witch. Why, there are more of us then innocents now.” Samantha said. 

The girls started to actually start choking. Everyone shrieked. “Liar!” The judge screamed and then began to cough up blood. Samantha stood up and walked through the courtroom. “You will stop these witch trials, if you want to keep any of your own alive. We witches have lived peacefully here but we will retaliate.”  All of the girls’ heads spun around and their necks snapped. Samantha walked out of the courtroom.


“Welcome to the annual race of races! The race that separates the men from the boys! The Hell Cup!” The announcer screams and he, literally, smiles from ear to ear, exposing his razor blade teeth. “This is your announcer Eugene Vile! Now, let’s set some ground rules. The person to make it past the finish line, first, wins. Second, no killing, torturing, evil schemes, or cheating.” As he spits the words from his mouth the audience goes silent. “JUST KIDDING!” Eugene exclaims. “Please contribute to as much gore and evil as you can.” The audience of savages, demons, and gore lovers cheer with all their might.

“The lineup cannot get any better this year. First up we have the one, the only, Death!”

Death waves from his spiked and blood covered SUV. He was a sight to see as the rams head helmet he was wearing was still fresh and oozing.

“Hello everyone.” Death says with a charming snarl.

“Next, we have the creepiest, child beloved, creature on the earth, the Tooth Fairy!”

The Tooth Fairy rises upon a throne of teeth. He is thin and grey in color. His dark circles weigh down his face. He silently waves to the crown smiling with his mouth full of children’s teeth.

“Third and fourth, we have two of the seven sins! Pride and Wrath!”

“Lastly we can welcome, Empusa and Lamiai, let’s hope these dead chicks don’t eat your flesh!”

These two ladies were truly demonic– Lamia has the tail of a serpent in place of legs, while Empousa has flaming hair and two mismatched legs, one of brass, one of a donkey. They quickly turned into gorgeous women. The crowd roared.

“Everyone start your engines! We shall go on my mark! READY! SET! GO!” Eugene screamed.

Everyone sped off into the open desert. The sand and dirt hitting anything behind them. Death was in the lead, Pride second, the two ladies third, Wrath next, and lastly the Tooth Fairy.

“Agghhh! I’m always in the freaking back! I’ll show them!” Wrath growled. He hit the gas as hard as he could going from 90 to 100, to 120 at an alarming rate. At about 210 he was neck and neck with Death.

“Garth”, Death says to one of his reapers.

“Yes, sir?” Garth replies.

“Do you see that punk trying to pass me? Show him what we are made of.”

Garth leans over and grabs Wrath’s car with his scythe. He climbs on top of the scythe and into the car.

“What are you doing in my car?” screams Wrath.

At that moment Garth grabs a glass bottle and breaks it. He takes a long piece and looks to Wrath and calmly says, “Boss’s orders.” Garth takes the shard and carves into Wrath’s stomach, spilling everything into the floorboard. Wrath’s feet get tangled in the mess and start to lose control. Garth jumps onto the roof and back to Death’s SUV. They watch as Wrath crashes into the side.

“Oh! The first out! Our friend Garth really knows how to get ‘em,” says Eugene.

Meanwhile Pride takes the attack on his brother personally. Too proud to let this be a blow to his family’s reputation. Pride adjusts the tie on his suit and decides he needs to get to business. He sees Garth has already targeted him and will be coming soon. Pride comes up with a plan, since he is so smart. He hears Garth on his roof, ripping the metal up. He slides into the passenger seat.

“I was hoping you would do that.” Pride snarls while slamming his big red button.

Garth flies out of the car and into the sky. He finally lands in the hard ground. He sees the Tooth Fairy charging at him. He lays as flat as he can as the truck passes over him, then he quickly grabs the bumper. Using his scythe he climbs into the bed of the truck, it is full of teeth.

“I guess this sucker’s head will have to do,” Garth sighs.

As he walks to the front something grabs him. The Tooth Fairy spotted him. He made giant creatures out of teeth, come alive.

“Looks like Garth has gotten himself into some trouble! The girls are making their way to the top. They may steal death’s place while Garth is playing around,” Eugene criticises.

“Bite me, Eugene,” Garth says under his breath.

Garth punches one monster and knocks down the other, he is trying his hardest to take the teeth monsters down, yet they reform every time. He cuts one in half and it grows back. They grab Garth and hold him down. They start spitting teeth down his throat. As he thinks that this might be it. He may die with a stomach full of teeth. The truck crashes. The monsters go flying and so does Garth. Garth gets up and runs over to the truck. He pulls out the Tooth Fairy. He grabs his heavy dark circles, then rips out his eyes all together. He violently vomits teeth into the empty sockets.

“Super savage! Can you believe what we have seen here today?” Eugene applauds, the crowd cheers for Garth!

Garth doesn’t let that slow him down. He has a job to do. He looks at the race, the cars are far away now. Pride and The Demonic Ladies are side by side behind Death. Garth gets into the crashed truck. It barely starts and cannot go very fast. He puts a brick on the gas and climbs out the window. He stands on the front bumper and opens the damaged hood.

“No wonder he was in last! This is full of teeth! Freak.”

Garth flings all the teeth out that he can so he can try to see some of the damage. He grabs some tools from his pocket and goes to work. He finally gets it close to satisfactory. He carefully walks around and gets back in the truck. He is now able to speed up and get close to Pride and the Ladies. Garth once again climbs out the window, this time on the roof. He throws a brick onto the brake, launching him onto the Ladies’ car in front.  Pride cannot stand the sight of Garth and rams into the side of the car. Garth falls a little, and jumps to Pride’s car.

“Say hello to your brother for me!” Garth laughs as he climbs under the car and rips anything and everything out.

Pride’s car can no longer run and stops abruptly. This causes Pride to be thrown out the window and on the ground. Garth rolls from out under the car, pushing it forward and running over Pride. As Garth thinks of his next move he hears Eugene scream, “Finish!” Death has finished the race. Garth ran up to where Death’s car was.

The door opened and Death said, “Where have you been? You missed everything. I could have really used you up here.” Garth smiled and apologized.

“Death is this year’s Hell Cup winner! So death, how does your 100 year streak feel?” Eugene asked.

“Good. I’m just glad Garth was here for the most part and that I’m such a good driver.” Death replied.

Garth rolled his eyes and heard someone yell his name. The ladies were calling him over. “Hey Garth! We saw you out there! Would you like to go on a date? We promise not to eat much of your flesh!” the girls yelled.

Spooky Campaign – D&D PLOTS

A group of friends get a letter from a mysterious wizard named, Dr. Frank. The wizard has heard of the group and calls on them to help his town. In the center of town a deep dark hole has opened. They do not know what is in the hole but strange noises and smells come from it. Dr. Frank is sure it’s trouble. 

The town is a fair size with a few large estates, local shops, churches, and homes of the townspeople.

When the group arrives, Dr. Frank welcomes them into his estate on the edge of town. He is a tall, thin, well dressed man with hollow eyes. He appears to be very wealthy and loved by the town. 

He explains the situation in further detail. Some of the nuns from the local church of Arantar (LG god of peace) have gone missing, one of them being his niece. He thinks whatever is in the hole has taken them. He fears that something demonic and twisted is happening to them. 

He also explains what he has heard about the group and would like to test it before they go down the hole.

Dr. Frank takes them to a large field with loud moans in the distance. He says to kill and obtain the flesh from the creatures. When asked he tells he is very good at crafting flesh golems, and plans to make one to keep in the town for protection while they go down the hole.