Crime Scene


Case Number: _369753___ Date: _02/26/1982_

Reporting Officer: _Maxis____ Prepared by:_Maxis___


The officers arrive at 1863 Maple Street, a quiet suburban home, at 01:12 AM. 

A well-dressed man and his wife answer the door. 

Upon questioning, everything seems normal until the man turns around. There is blood on his back. 

The officers begin to ask about the blood and the wife lunges to stab them with a hidden knife.

The officer is able to dodge the attack and no serious injuries occur. 

The officers then call for backup and handcuff both assailants.

Backup, and I, arrive at 01:33 AM. 

We search the premises and find a mutilated corpse of a middle-aged woman. A further search of the house finds human remains on the stove and in the refrigerator. We find fourteen more mutilated bodies in the house, three of them still breathing. 

The ambulance arrives at 02:05 AM, and takes the three living victims to St. Peter’s Hospital. 

I recall the basement of the house as the most unpleasant spot with the most corpses. The smell was unbearable. Body parts and fecal matter were scattered everywhere. 


Assailants Jennifer and Brian White were arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping, and mutilation of corpses. 

All officers that went to the scene are required to take leave and therapy.


Disturbance call about 1863 Maple Street at 01:02 am. People could hear distress from the house. Upon investigation of the house, fifteen bodies of all ages and sexes were found. There was evidence of cannibalism and necrophilia after some testing. The two assailants were arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping, and mutilation of corpses. Three victims remain alive but seriously injured at St. Peter’s Hospital. 


It’s dark. I can’t see anything. Are my eyes even open? “Where am I?

It’s cold. So cold I should be shivering, but I’m not. I put my hands across my chest for warmth. My bare skin is like ice to the touch. I must be naked but that’s not the weird part. I run my hands along with thick stitches in a long Y shape. I’ve been opened up. Am I dead? I must be dead.

The lights come on. They are so bright everything goes white. I sit up and finally my eyes focus on a figure. A man. He is dressed nicely with an apron over top. 

“I hate how dark it gets,” he announces. He looks at me and smiles. “Let’s get you a sheet.” He walks over to a cabinet and opens it.

“Where am I? Who are you?” I ask abruptly. 

“Right to it then!” He laughs pulling out a sheet. “Why you’re at Langton county morgue and I am the mortician.” He walks over to me. “Here. Cover up,” he says, handing it to me. “I would have already covered you but I wasn’t done with your examination.”

“I’m dead,” I whisper to myself. “I’m really dead!”

I take the sheet. Now that the lights are on I take a look at my body. The stitches in my chest go so deep. Tears stream down my cheeks. My legs are bruised and broken somehow. I can see bone poking out the side of my thigh. I tense, waiting for pain but it doesn’t come. I wrap the sheet around me so I don’t have to see it anymore. At least it’s warm. I begin to cry intensely, wailing out as loud as I can. 

“How did I get here? Why am I here? Why am I talking if I’m dead?” I scream out these multiple questions in hopes of answers. 

He looks at me with a sad face and says, “I know it’s hard. No one wants to die, but we all do. This place has a way of helping those who have died. Bringing them back for some time to help distinguish how they died and help them rest.” He sits in a chair and sighs. “You were found at the bottom of a cliff with nothing that could identify you,” He stops and rubs his face. “They think you were pushed because your hands were tied behind your back and there were signs of a struggle.”

“I was murdered?” I cry.

“I was hoping you could tell me, but if you don’t remember it’s ok. Sometimes it takes a bit. Can you tell me your name? It would get us one step closer to identifying you and maybe catching your murderer. ”

“My name?” I think really hard. My brain is like a fog. Do I not remember my name? Finally, it comes to me. “Evanth White.”

“Well Evanth White, whenever the rest of the story comes to you let me know. You should remember before the end of the night.” He says getting up and walking to the door.

 “Wait!” I shout. “Where are you going?”

“To nap. Just in the next room over. I’m not going to sleep on one of these steel tables,” he chuckles and leaves. 

I sit alone for what seems like an eternity.  I start to cry thinking it will never come to me. What was the last thing I was doing? Where was I? Who was I with? All these questions fill my head. So many I think it will explode. Then suddenly I remember. I began shouting for the mortician, I wish he had said his name. “What? Did you remember?” he asks, running into the room. 

“Yes! I Remember!” I yell excitedly. My excitement quickly turns sour and I mumble, “It was horrible.” My stomach turns at the events that took place and I start crying again. “I was murdered. By a man, I do not know. He was tall and stout with a shaggy beard.” 

“Do you remember anything else about him? Any tattoos or piercings?” The mortician asks  grabbing a notebook.

“No.” I shake my head. “He kidnapped me from my home. He came through the window. It was a hot summer’s night and I had it open. I live out in the middle of nowhere so this was common for me.” I watch him take notes. “He kept me in a shack, chained to the floor.”

I don’t want to think about this. It’s too painful. 

“Keep going, you can do it,” he reassures me. 

“I don’t know how long I was there, but it was a long time. Sometimes he would take me to the main house and make me sit with him. He would try to get me to make conversation. One today while he was walking me from his main house back to the shack, I made a break for it. I ran as fast as I could, I knew that if I didn’t get away now I would never leave. He was on my tail the entire time. Eventually, after running for ages, we got to a cliff. I stopped and he tried to grab me. I couldn’t go back, I would rather die. We wrestled for a while and when I slipped free, I jumped.” I put my face in my hands and wept. 

“It’s alright now,” he says. “You can rest.”

Dear Diary

To become a catholic nun you must complete the steps:

  1. Meet other nuns to see if it’s right for you.
  2. Meet with a member of the religious community. Often through one of the nuns.
  3. Aspirancy (3-4 weeks)
  4. Postulancy (1 year)
  5. Novitiate (2 years)
  6. First Vows (a temporary vow that lasts 3 years)
  7. Final Vows 

In Christianity, there is the belief that The Antichrist will come and it will be the end of times. 

By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.

— 1 John 4:2–3 NRSV


I finally got to my Final Vow about a week ago. I’ve learned a lot about the Lord and myself over the past few years. I’ve decided to write about my journey as a nun starting today. 


We worked with those in poverty today. I fed hungry children and comforted their parents. I wish I knew my parents and could tell them how well I was doing. I would tell them that it feels so good to help people and do the Lord’s work. I know I’m going to do great things for the Lord. 


I’ve been working with some of the girls in the novitiate stage. They are very excited and so am I. I love growing the church and the Lord’s followers. 


I had a nightmare last night. It was very unsettling so I told one of the other nuns about it. She told me to pray about it. 


Worked with animals at the shelter today, they were very feisty. I’ve always liked animals but these were so loud and one even bit me. I had to have seven stitches on my arm.  


Today when I looked in the mirror, for a second I thought I saw something. Something is watching me. I know it’s the holy ghost. 


I’ve had the nightmare again. I pray that it goes away. He said that I would do bad things. I am surely being tested and I will not fail. For I am here to do God’s work. I can’t stop thinking about it though. 


I woke up with bruises all over my legs this morning. They almost look like fingerprints. I also have a strange mark on my thigh. It looks like a branding of something. I’m losing my mind. 


The devil came to me again. He says I’m the antichrist. I went to the Priest hoping he could guide me. He wouldn’t talk to me. This weighs heavy on my heart. What if I am the antichrist? No, it cant be. I would never hurt anyone. 


I couldn’t stop thinking about the mark so I looked it up. It can’t be true. I won’t let it. I am destined for good things! I went to the priest and showed him the mark. He knows. They took me to a dark room and spent hours trying to exorcise the demon within me. After a while, I realized it was no use, I gave up hope. I knew I had to leave so when they took a break, I made my escape. 


I’ve hidden away from the church. I’m staying in a motel. The mark is getting bigger and it’s hot to the touch. I have urges to do bad things. I just want this to end. I’m a good person and want to do the Lord’s work. 


I can feel it inside me, the evil. I can hear its voice telling me to do things. I’m scared I might give in. It’s getting hard to fight it off every day.


Hail Mary forgive me.

Thanks to Talitha Brys, who helped write this story!


I can hardly stand the sight. The smell makes me want to vomit. The noises are too loud! I can’t take this anymore. Please, make it stop. All of this is running through my brain when I walk into the room.

The entire room is covered in a heavy layer of red. Chunks of matter are scattered around the floor.

I’ve done it again. It’s too late. I can’t be stopped. I deserve to be battered and fried.

“Detective Fox!” someone shouts. I snap out of it and back to reality. “Are you enjoying your first day back?” It’s the deputy. He is always cheerful and charming. I think his name is Charles.

“Yeah,” I say in a faint whisper. I rub my face and breathe deeply.

“Look, I know it’s hard. Coming back after something like that, but we are proud of you. All of us,” he states, walking off.

I walk further into the police station. It’s small, but it’s all we need for this medium-sized town. A medium-sized town that hasn’t seen a murder as grizzly as the one a few months ago. One that I witnessed, personally.

Once at my desk, I sit down and wait for the next order. Orders being another death or just some paperwork. Please be paperwork. My partner walks over to me with a grim look on his face.

“They are reopening the Clark case,” he says. “They found new evidence. I think they will want to talk to you. I can’t believe that you’ll have to go through that again, your first day back.” He is now angry.

“No! They can’t do that,” I shout, standing up. Everyone is looking at me. My partner puts his hand on my shoulder, and I quietly sit back down.

They are going to know. Maybe this will finally be the end.

“Fox! Interview room. Now!” a deep voice yells at me. It’s the director.

I walk over to the interview room. I look through the door and see my therapist sitting at a table arguing with the director. I sigh and open the door.

“You can’t do this, we have worked hard on her recovery and this will push her back!” my therapist yells.

“I don’t care! Finding this murderer is more important!” he shouts back.

“It’s fine, really,” I say weakly. “I can try to help.” They both look at me. I see the sadness in my therapist’s eyes.

“Start from the beginning then,” she says. I know this story. I’ve told it a million times. Making a lie become the truth.

“I walked into the house,” I started. “We had a call about a girl who could not get her friends to answer the door in days. I went to check it out, thinking it was just a miscommunication between friends.”

My stomach starts to turn.

“The first thing that set me off was the smell. It was rotten. So rotten. I follow the scent into the living room. It’s covered in blood.”

I stop. I can’t do this.

“Come on!” The director yells at me. “We have to find out the truth! Did you see anyone leaving? See anything that could be useful or are you a waste of my time?”

“She is me and I am her. She knows all and I know very little. What I do know is that she is evil. The evil within me,” I whisper.

I’m fading away.

Oh no. I can feel it growing. The evil within. I’m changing. I can hear the voices, all the deeds they are planning. It’s so intense. Make it stop! Please!

“I am the truth!” I shriek, throwing my hands onto the table. I start screaming, but it’s not me. It’s her. I can barely hear my therapist talking to me, trying to calm me down. It’s too late now, I’ve been replaced by it.

“Feeling the blood rushing out of their bodies and seeing the light leaving their eyes was the best part,” it growls.

“What are you talking about?” the director questions, taken aback.

“I am talking about murdering those innocent girls for the fun of it,” it answers.

“She’s having some kind of psychotic break,” the therapist insists. “I knew this was a dangerous idea. We need to take her to the hospital now.”

“No! We are finally getting somewhere,” the director protests. “I always knew it was you.”

“I am the devil,” it screams.

“That’s it. We are leaving.” the therapist grabs me and pulls me out of the room.

“They are taking you to the loony bin. It’s where we will spend the rest of our lives,” it tells me.

“Good, that’s where we belong,” I respond.


“Daddy!” I hear a small voice whisper.

I open my eyes and see a small figure standing next to my bed. It’s my six-year-old daughter, Stacey. “Yes, dear,” I mumble, trying not to fall back asleep.

“There is something in my room.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a bad dream, pumpkin?” I say as a reflex.

“It’s real this time!” She shouts. I groan and sit up. “Ok, let’s check it out.” I stand up and yawn.

Man, why am I so tired?

I follow her down the hall to her room. When we get to the door she turns to me and says, “Be careful, Daddy.”

I open the door to her pastel pink room. Toys and stuffed animals are scattered everywhere, making the room a maze. “Honey, please pick up your toys when you’re done with them.”

“I do! That wasn’t me!” She shouts and stomps her foot. I sigh and roll my eyes. I walk over to the bed and look underneath. “Nothing here! Why don’t you come here and I’ll tuck you in?” She walks to the bed and I pick her up. I place her in the sheets. “Check the closet next, daddy,” she demands. I huff and walk over to the closet. I hear something from inside. It sounds like demonic static. I open the door slowly. I’m scared. The noises aren’t of this world. I want to back away and never come back.

Inside is… normal? Just clothes and toys.

Am I going crazy?

“Daddy,” a sweet voice calls.

“Just a minute, sweetie!” My voice was nervous and my mind was confused.

“It’s over there, daddy!” A deep demonic voice shrieked. I turn quickly to see what could have made such ugly vocals. The room’s… wrong. Everything is red. Blood red. Everything is distorted and evil-looking. My daughter, where is she? I see a spine-chilling creature where I tucked in my daughter. “Don’t worry honey! It’s just a human. It must have wandered in through your closet portal. I’ll take care of it,” a caring deep voice comforts it.

I closed my eyes hoping I fell back asleep. Please let me wake up, please. I feel something shake me. I open my eyes. I’m in bed. Thank god I’m in bed. I see her. My Stacey. Everything is alright. “You fell asleep again!”

“I’m sorry! Let’s go check your room.”

They’re Coming to Take Me Away

(Based on the song “They’re coming to take me away Ha-ha”)

I knew I had to go. I didn’t want to but it’s the only way we will ever find out the truth.

I walked up the steps of a large building. The inside was dingy and smelled of alcohol and urine. I was at Williams County’s home for the criminally insane. An officer met me on the inside.

“I’m glad you came. This means a lot to the case and to the families. She’ll only talk to you,” The cop said.

“I know. That’s the only reason I came,” I replied. We walked down a long hallway full of screams and groans. Her door was at the end. It was time to go in. My stomach turned and my palms were sweating. The cop opened the door and she was sitting there, smiling.

“I’ll be watching on the other side of that mirror,” he assured me. We walked and I sat down across from her. She was chained to the table but was desperately trying to get closer to me.

“Hello, Josh. I’ve missed you. Have you missed me?” She said to me.

“Where are they, Jen?” I asked, ignoring her question.

“You get right to it.”

“Where, Jen?” I demanded.

“You thought it was a joke and so you laughed, when I had said that losing you would make me flip my lid, right? You know you laughed, I heard you laugh, and then you left, but now you know I’m utterly mad.” She yelled as she began to laugh.

“I didn’t come here for this!” I jumped from my seat to keep from completely losing it.

“Do you want to know what I did? To know where they are? Where did I keep the bodies?”

“Yes!” I screamed, slamming my hands on the table.

“Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I’d go berserk? Well, you left me anyhow and the days got worse and worse and now you see I’ve gone completely out of my mind.” She said gritting her teeth.

“Jen.” I didn’t know what to say.

“I didn’t eat. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t leave the house,” She continued. “I made a doll out of the sheet and fill it with pieces of the mattress. I even put some of your clothes on it.”

I sat back in my chair across from her. “The bodies, Jen.”

“After a while, the doll wasn’t enough anymore. It needed life,” she ignored me. “I went out to bars and brought men home, that looked like you. After they were really drunk, I’d tied them down. They were still awake.” I knew things were going to get vile so grabbed the trash can and put it in my lap. “I would cut them open and take the best-looking organs out. The first few times I botched some of them. After that, I would fit them into the doll. It took a month or two to finish but I got the whole set.” I began to feel very sick.

“What did you do with the rest of the body, Jen?” I didn’t want to ask but I had to.

“Well, I would completely take the body apart. I kept some of the meat. I was running low on money for food so I just ate them. Next, I would ground up the unused organs, tough muscles, and bones; and then I would dump them in the middle of the nearby river. That’s where they found me at.” I vomited in my trash can. Between the dry heaves, I tried to ask where the doll was.

“I hid the doll somewhere very special,” She said with a smirk. “I was going to surprise you with it. That and the misses.” I turned white and the blood ran from my face. “You haven’t noticed that your new sweetheart hasn’t talked to you in the past few days?”

“She’s away on business,” I said, wanting it to be true.

“No. She’s not.” She began to laugh. “Have you checked that large freezer in your basement lately? You know the one big enough for a body and a doll full of organs?”


One day there was a house. It looked like a sweet tiny little house in a nice neighborhood. A girl named Beth bought it, but she did not know that she wouldn’t be in it alone.

“Finally, my own house, ” Beth thought. She carried her boxes inside, as the moving truck drove away. She looked around her new home and thought of all the wonderful things she could decorate it with. She began to unpack a few pictures and wall decorations. She hung them up all over the house to make it her’s.

“This is going to be great,” she said to herself.

She heard a thump in the walls and it made her jump. “It must be some squirrels or something.”

A demon was crawling through the walls. He was watching her get comfortable in the house.

“I’m glad someone moved in. I thought I was going to starve to death here,” the demon thought to himself. “I’ll wait until she falls asleep before I start my meal.”

That night when Beth fell asleep the demon latched on and began his feast. The next day, she felt weird when she woke up. She chalked it up to being somewhere new.

6 months later.

“I don’t know what it is but I’ve been feeling down these past few months. Now I think I have a fever,” Beth said to her friend.

“Maybe you should go to the doctor,” Beth’s friend advised.

“I already did. They gave me something for it but they are not sure what it is exactly.”

“I’m sorry. Well, feel better. I’ll talk to you later,” Beth’s friend said as she hung up the phone.

Beth put her phone away and went into her bathroom. She looked into her mirror and her reflection stared back. She got some water from the sink and took the pills her doctor gave her. When she looked back into the mirror something wasn’t right. The reflection became disfigured and began to move. Beth screamed and collapsed onto the ground.

“Beth, get up. The ground is dirty.” a voice said to her. She slowly stood up and looked into the mirror. She saw a shadowy figure with a ram skull and had huge horns. It began to speak again, “Hello Beth. I thought we could finally meet now that you are on the downhill slope.”

“You are not real. The fever must be messing with me.” Beth said to the figure.

“Me? Why I most certainly are real. A real demon, in the flesh” The figure stepped out of the mirror. His cloak flung around him. Beth screamed and ran out of the room.

“I hate it when they run. It’s so futile.” The demon said walking into the living room. “I guess I’ll just sit on the couch until she wears herself out.” The demon propped his feet on the coffee table and began to read the TV Guide. Beth ran into the room screaming with a bible in her hand. The demon turned to look at her. She began to beat him with the book.

“Ow! What the frick? Stop that,” he yelled with his arms up defending himself. Beth stopped hitting the demon. She saw that the bible wasn’t really hurting him, and fell to the ground. She began to cry.

“Why are you in my house? Why didn’t hitting you with the bible do anything? Why are you reading my TV Guide?” she asked.

“Well first off, this is my house. I was here first. Second, because I am not a low-level demon. Although, you did hit me pretty hard. Third, I like watching TV,” the demon responded, offended by her questions. The demon sighed and continued, “None of these are the answers you want to hear. You probably want to know about how I am the reason you feel so sick and why you are only getting sicker. Well, it is because I latched onto you and I am going to suck the life out of you until you die.”

“Oh,” Beth said. She let it all sink in, trying to think of ways to get rid of the demon. She didn’t want to die. As her mind is racing. She began to cough and could not stop. With every cough, blood goes everywhere.

“That sucks. At this point, you probably only have a few more hours to go. That’s why I let you see me, now. I always like to meet my food. You see, in the beginning, I started draining really slow. You probably heard me in the walls and whatnot. But as soon the fever sets in I start to drain all at once. I like my meals hot.” Beth finally stops coughing and looks up at the demon. Her blood all over her clothes and down her chin.

“Oh, dear. You look dreadful.” The demon stated. He picked her up off the floor and carried her and put her in her bed. He walked off and came back with some water. He helped Beth drink some.

“Why?” Beth asked.

“Well, you looked like you needed it. Just because I am a demon doesn’t mean I can’t help you.”

“No. Not that. Why? Why me?”

“Oh. Hunger mostly. It has nothing against you. I live here and wait for people to move in so I can eat them.” Beth accepted the facts.

“Stay here with me until I die,” Beth asked the demon.

“I normally leave at this point. This tends to make me sad.”

“Well grow a pair. I’m not dying alone.”

The demon crawled in bed with Beth and stayed with her as she withered away.


“I’ve got to do this. For my family. They’re depending on this,” I said brushing my hand through my hair. “I can’t run away from this. Without this money,” I can’t even finish the sentence.

I sit in a dark room, alone. I hear a loud noise and the lights come on. A nicely dressed man comes into the room with me. “I wanted to come in here and thank you personally for what you are about to do this evening. I know it can be a tough decision, expectually at your age. I hope you know how important your sacrifice is, to bring new life in this world is extraordinary. ” I sit there, I don’t even know what to say. “You will be paid in full at the end of the event. It will be sent to the hospital in perfect condition.” 

“My family, can I see my family?” I ask. 

“Why of course they are in the hallway. You should probably make it quick we will be starting soon.” I walk into the hallway and see my wife. I stare at her for what feels like eternity. Her tired face won’t look back at me. “Daddy!” I hear as I’m almost knocked over. It’s my youngest daughter, I hug her tightly. “It’s all going to be ok,” I whisper. I let go and walk to a door. “Wait!” I hear my wife’s voice. “You don’t have to do this. What is a life without their father?” I pause and turn to look at her. “There are plenty of elders to make this sacrifice. It doesn’t have to be you.” 

“I love you, my wife,” I say as I turn and open the door.

A large man escorts me down a long corridor. We passed several people. Most of them elderly, some sick. The closer we get the end, to the door, to my door. The dread I feel makes my body heavy and ache. I think about backing out, about what my wife said. Then I can see her face. Her sunken eyes and frail body. I have to do this, for her. 

We stop and the man opens the door. He nods for me to go in. It’s dark and the room smells of odd incense. The room becomes brighter with a few candles. I see several people in black cloaks and masks. One of them leads me to a table and gestures me to sit. I jump when the door slams behind me and I walk slowly. This is it, no turning back now. I shed a single tear and I lay on the table. People from every direction grab straps and make it where I can’t move. I close my eyes. I can’t fight but I’m scared. My heart is beating out of my cheats and my lungs feel as though they might break my ribs. Lord please forgive us! 

I open my eyes when I hear a man start to talk. The room has more candles now and I can tell it’s the same man as before. He begins to speak, “Here lyes a man. A young man in an old man’s game. He is here because he understands that life is full of sacrifices. That when something dies, something even more beautiful comes into this world. For him it’s the surgery that will save his eldest daughter’s life. For us it is the new birth in our family. For me it’s my grandchildren.” He pauses. “We have been doing the sacred ritual for centuries. Asking the heavens for an exchange of souls. Get this man’s soul in return for a new soul.”

I hear the creaking wheels of another table. It is set next to mine. I can barely turn my head to see. I can tell that it is a pregnant woman. Her table is not like mine, no straps and is padded. I can feel the heat of tears on my face. I see her face again. I can see the face of the doctors when they told us she needed a new liver. The look of her tired mother, my wife. Why did it end this way?

“Put her in the stirrups. We will begin.” I here a voice say. They start to chant some language I don’t know. They stop then they hear the water break. The fluid crashing to the floor. I feel something cut my chest. I try to look. It’s a blade, and it seems to be deep. I start to feel light headed as the warm blood runs out of the wound. “Dilated three centimeters.” The voice next to me says. The blade is shoved deeper. I feel it hit my rib cage. It sliced through my flesh and I start to become numb. “Dilated seven centimeters.” My eyes can’t focus and the room seems to be spinning. Though I can’t feel the pain, I feel cold. So cold. “Dilated ten centimeters.” I blink in and out of conciseness. I think they are chanting again. What are they saying? I know this word but I can’t think straight! Push, I think they are saying push. 

I see a bright light. I’m in a hospital. I look over to see my wife. She’s in labor. I know this day, this is the day my first daughter was born. I start yelling but I don’t think she can hear me. I start screaming. Push! 

My eyes open. I’m back. Back on the table. My body is shredded and I am hurting. I can see the baby. It’s not crying. “Why isn’t it crying?” I shout. 

“Because you’re not dead yet,” a man says. Then I see darkness. 


I’m just laying here, staring at the ceiling. It’s pitch black and my brain hasn’t stopped talking. That’s all i can hear. Its hateful words surround me in this bed. Each moment gets louder and louder. I can’t take this anymore!

I jump up and grab a knife and a drill. These are the only tools I need. This will get it out of my head.

I look into the bathroom mirror and begin cutting a hole in my forehead. Blood streams down my face and tries to get in my eye. I start cutting again. Going deeper and deeper. Tearing muscle tissue and ripping skin away. It seems to take eternity, but I finally reach it. Bone. I grab the drill and put it up to my open skull. Blood is covering my hands making it hard to hold. I turn it on. This is it. I’ll finally be free! It will leave me alone.

The drill is so loud against my head, I can barely stand it. I have to concentrate so hard to make sure I don’t drill into my brain.

I make it through. My head is in so much pain. I take the knife and cut through the small layer between the brain and skull.

Pressure! So much pressure. I scream in agony. Then it stopped. I open my eyes and see exactly what it thought I would. A dark figure stands before me.

“You think you can get rid of me that easily,” it screeches. “I am here forever! I am your eternity!”

I step back and grab the knife.

“You won’t do it. You have no courage. You’re trash and always will be! God, now that i can see you. I know i’m right when i say that your ugly and weak.”

I strike at it with my knife only hitting part of its body. It screams in pain. I start swinging the knife around hitting it over and over. Until it’s dying breath, it keeps yelling harsh words.

It’s over. Then it goes black.

The next day.

“She was already dead when we found her. Carved up her own face and drilled into her skull. She passed from a brain hemorrhage, ” A paramedic explains to his friend.

“Was she on drugs?”

“No, but her family said that she suffered from depression and anxiety. I think it finally got to her I guess,” the paramedic says.

“She should have gotten help and none of this would have happened. She could have prevented this. She is just another kid gone wrong,” the friend points out.

I wanna be where the people are.

A girl screams in pain. She is tied down to a bed. A tired priest is shouting from the Bible, yeeting a cross around like a mad man. They have been here for hours with little to no relief. Suddenly, Her eyes roll back into her head and she feels a ripping sensation. A demon crawls out her mouth. It is sucked into the floor straight back to Hell. 

Well, I get you’re wondering how all this happened. How I ended up like this. It’s a long story so let’s start from the beginning. 

You can call me Carl by the way. Most humans have a hard time saying my real name. I am a low level demon from the back side of Hell. I was one of the demons that made sure the torture level demons were happy and that the weapons were stocked. Sometimes, I even got to clean the ouija boards. 

I got in this stupid mess because I’m too curious. I’ve always wanted to be human. They are so strange. Their little lives are full of whimsy. I just wanted to be a part of that. So one night while I was cleaning I saw the possession brigade marching into the human world. I wanted to go so badly that I snuck in. I remember being terrified, my heart beating out of my chest and sweat rolling down my face, but when I made it to the human side it was beautiful… 

“You know the drill, possess and wreak havoc,” an older demon commanded. A line of young demons stood in a line all excited to finally be in the field. Carl hiding behind a tall bush. He knew if he was seen he would be sent right back home. He waited for them to finish. It took what seemed like ages, but finally they all scattered into different humans. Carl knew he still had to get out of this area so he ran. He ran as far as he could and then some. He was not going to be found. He was feeling tired and weak. He needed a host and fast. 

“So do you think Martha is going to get a new haircut? It looks terrible,” a girl gossiped to her friend. Her friend was a tall girl with long blonde hair and tan skin. 

“She’s the one. She is beautiful and has a full life,” Carl thought so himself. He waited until she was alone and jumped in…

Ok so I jumped in the first human I saw but that doesn’t make me “easy.”  Being in her life was the best thing in the world.  Her life was full of something everyday. She was a nurse and went to a book club. I was happy…

Carl walked into the library for his book club. He had read the book five times to make sure he had it right. He walked into the room of his new friends and felt at home.

 “Hey Cindy! Don’t you just love this book,” an excited woman yelled.

“Yes! I just love how the author writes so elegant and creative,” Carl answered. He sat down in his normal seat and started to gossip. 

“We have a new recruit tonight,” one of the girls announced. 

Carl looked up and saw the one thing he dredged most. A demon was possessing that body. It looked straight at Carl and smiled…

What happened next was hard. He killed everyone there, but me. Blood was all over that room. He was confused why I didn’t help him at first but then something clicked. He knew who I was. Apparently, Hell was looking for me. You’re not supposed to just leave without permission…

A blood curdling scream that would make skin crawl came from the girl. People came rushing in. 

“OH GOD. OH GOD. IT’S SO HORRIBLE! WHAT SHE DID WAS HORRIBLE! THAT WOMAN IS A DEMON!” The demon was making a scene and framing Carl. The people looked at him and the girl. They were not convicted. Then the girl exploded. The demon made her explode before leaving her body. They all turned and looked at Carl… 

After that they took me to a church and you know the rest. I am telling you this because I wanted someone to understand. Understand why I went out there and that it was the best time of my life. My life is now over. I have been sentenced to endless torture for my crime.