Once upon a time, there was a turtle living in a quaint little park. Just a typical turtle that witnessed some not-so-typical events, events that some would say were disgusting and demented. The turtle was the only witness. It could tell no one. It could only live with what it had seen. 

Each night the turtle witnessed crimes so heinous, they would drive a human mad. The turtle did not understand what it saw, but the continuous crying and screaming made it uneasy.

Each night the turtle would watch the same man perform these events. The man did not look like someone who would perform such acts of evil; he was tall with dark hair that was always well kept. He lured many women here to their doom with his charm alone. The man had everything he could want and wanted more. So he took everything, including the life of others. 

One night during one of these crimes, like most of them, a woman was screaming for help. She was running and fell over the turtle. The commotion startled the turtle. It hid in its shell but slowly peeked out. The turtle looks at her and questioned why they always look so scared. It wonders why things are so loud, then it gets quiet.

The man approaches, and she crawls away in fear. She begs for mercy. He laughs, she was stopped by a mere turtle. 

“This turtle will not only be your downfall but your end.” He says smoothly. His voice sounds like an angel’s, but he was closer to the devil. 

He knows he has her now; he has been playing with her for hours and it was time to stop. That would be mercy. 

He picks up the turtle and slams it into her skull. She falls onto the soft ground and groans. It jolted the turtle around, tearing flesh from the shell. It cannot stop it. Their fate is sealed. He slams the turtle again and again until the woman is unrecognizable. Her face destroyed and her brains on the ground. The turtle has become part of the events.

The man liked the way the shell felt in his hand. It fit almost perfectly in his palm. He wants to keep the turtle for future endeavors. He pulls out his knife. The turtle is upset and wants to getaway. It feels the cold knife touch its skin, and it hides in its shell. The man cuts the fleshy parts out and lets them drop to the ground.

That was the end of the typical turtle who became an untypical weapon.