The Quest of the Wizard


You have been walking for a while when you come across a small town. You walk into the more business side of town. You see a school with children playing out front, a church, and a tavern with guards out front. Next to the tavern is a group of people chatting. 


  1. Go to the church. 
    1. It’s locked by a magical force. 
    2. Perception check/ investigation: Normal church
  2. Go talk to the children.
    1. They yell “Stranger Danger” and go into the school. 
  3. Go talk to the crowd of people outside the tavern 
    1. They tell you that there is a mysterious wizard in the tavern that has guards with him. He came looking for adventurers.
    2. Perception check: They look intrigued and confused.
  4. Go talk to the guards.
    1. Silence. 
  5. Fight the guards
    1. Roll for intuitive.
    2. Fight the two that are outside, two come from inside. 
    3.   Win against the guards, the wizard comes out.
      1. “You must be true adventures to take my guards! I have a quest that has your name on it.”
    4. Accept quest
      1. There is a cave a few miles away. In this cave is a scroll, I need that scroll. 


You walk in and see a normal-looking tavern. A few guys at the bar, a few barmaids, and a group of people standing around. In the back, you see two more guards and the wizard. 


  1. Talk to a group of people. 
    1. They notice Church as a folk hero and get excited. 
  2. Go up to the wizard.
    1. The wizard greets you and asks if you are adventurous. Says he has a quest that he will reward greatly for. The quest is to get a scroll from a cave a few miles from town. You can keep anything you find just bring me the scroll. 
  3. Order drink
    1. Get drink.
  4. Go up to a guard
    1. silence.


Treasures investigation check (15):

  1. Bag of Holding- 2 feet in diameter, 4 feet deep. Can hold up to 500 pounds. If it is torn, pierced, or overstuffed everything scatters into the astral plane. If turned inside out it doesn’t go to the astral plane. Breathing creatures inside the bag can survive up to several minutes equal to 10 divided by the number of creatures.
  2. Potion of greater healing: regain 4d4+4 hit points. The potion’s red liquid glimmers when agitated. 
  3. Potion of mind reading: detect thoughts spell (save dc 13). The potion’s dense, purple liquid has an ovoid cloud of pink floating in it
  4. Potion of flying: gain a flying speed equal to walking speed for one hour. This potion’s clear liquid floats at the top of its container and has cloudy white impurities drifting in it. 


  1. Potion of storm giant strength: strength score for 1 hour. 29 strength. Transparent liquid has a floating fingernail from a storm giant. 


You get back to town a hear that the wizard is in the church. You go into the church and give him the scroll. The wizard starts reading the scroll and magically Manes and Crawling claws appear. He says it’s the scroll of chaotic magic. He is going to unleash havoc on this quiet little town and all the towns around it.