A man and his wife are resting quietly in a living room watching TV. Nothing is being said between them, the Tv filling the silence. The phone rings. 

“Who could be calling at this hour?” the wife grumbles. 

“I’ll go check it out,” the man says as he puts down his newspaper. He walks over to the phone and picks it up. “Hello.” Nothing. “Hello?”

Suddenly a little girl’s voice talks. “Daddy, I want to come home.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I think you have the wrong number,” He replies assuringly.

“I’m not having any fun and no one will play with me,” the voice persists. 

“I’m certain your parents will come to get you.”

“I’ve been here forever!”

“I’m sure it feels that way. Bye-bye now!” he moves to hang up the phone when he hears something weird on the line. Like a scream turned into static. 

“Daddy, please,” the voice sounds a little distorted now. “It’s dark in here and I’m all alone.”

“Where are you?”

“You know where I am.”

“Is this some kind of prank?” he is slightly angry now. The speech sounds more familiar as she speaks.

“I want to come home now Daddy!” 

“This isn’t funny! I lost my daughter fifteen years ago!” The wife rushes into the room and demands to know who he is talking to.

“But Daddy, I never left,” the voice turning normal again. They both hear it.

An icy shiver runs down her spine. “I’m going to call the police,” she insists. 

“Why are you doing this, Daddy? I need you to come to get me. It’s so cold here.”

“No! I watched it happen! I saw her-” he stops and looks at his wife. 

“What did you see?” the voice getting distorted again.

“It was an accident,” she cries. “Please, forgive us. We didn’t mean to-”

A click as the call ends. Then silence. 

The man and wife fall to the floor and weep.