Case Number: _369753___ Date: _02/26/1982_

Reporting Officer: _Maxis____ Prepared by:_Maxis___


The officers arrive at 1863 Maple Street, a quiet suburban home, at 01:12 AM. 

A well-dressed man and his wife answer the door. 

Upon questioning, everything seems normal until the man turns around. There is blood on his back. 

The officers begin to ask about the blood and the wife lunges to stab them with a hidden knife.

The officer is able to dodge the attack and no serious injuries occur. 

The officers then call for backup and handcuff both assailants.

Backup, and I, arrive at 01:33 AM. 

We search the premises and find a mutilated corpse of a middle-aged woman. A further search of the house finds human remains on the stove and in the refrigerator. We find fourteen more mutilated bodies in the house, three of them still breathing. 

The ambulance arrives at 02:05 AM, and takes the three living victims to St. Peter’s Hospital. 

I recall the basement of the house as the most unpleasant spot with the most corpses. The smell was unbearable. Body parts and fecal matter were scattered everywhere. 


Assailants Jennifer and Brian White were arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping, and mutilation of corpses. 

All officers that went to the scene are required to take leave and therapy.


Disturbance call about 1863 Maple Street at 01:02 am. People could hear distress from the house. Upon investigation of the house, fifteen bodies of all ages and sexes were found. There was evidence of cannibalism and necrophilia after some testing. The two assailants were arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping, and mutilation of corpses. Three victims remain alive but seriously injured at St. Peter’s Hospital.