“Daddy!” I hear a small voice whisper.

I open my eyes and see a small figure standing next to my bed. It’s my six-year-old daughter, Stacey. “Yes, dear,” I mumble, trying not to fall back asleep.

“There is something in my room.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a bad dream, pumpkin?” I say as a reflex.

“It’s real this time!” She shouts. I groan and sit up. “Ok, let’s check it out.” I stand up and yawn.

Man, why am I so tired?

I follow her down the hall to her room. When we get to the door she turns to me and says, “Be careful, Daddy.”

I open the door to her pastel pink room. Toys and stuffed animals are scattered everywhere, making the room a maze. “Honey, please pick up your toys when you’re done with them.”

“I do! That wasn’t me!” She shouts and stomps her foot. I sigh and roll my eyes. I walk over to the bed and look underneath. “Nothing here! Why don’t you come here and I’ll tuck you in?” She walks to the bed and I pick her up. I place her in the sheets. “Check the closet next, daddy,” she demands. I huff and walk over to the closet. I hear something from inside. It sounds like demonic static. I open the door slowly. I’m scared. The noises aren’t of this world. I want to back away and never come back.

Inside is… normal? Just clothes and toys.

Am I going crazy?

“Daddy,” a sweet voice calls.

“Just a minute, sweetie!” My voice was nervous and my mind was confused.

“It’s over there, daddy!” A deep demonic voice shrieked. I turn quickly to see what could have made such ugly vocals. The room’s… wrong. Everything is red. Blood red. Everything is distorted and evil-looking. My daughter, where is she? I see a spine-chilling creature where I tucked in my daughter. “Don’t worry honey! It’s just a human. It must have wandered in through your closet portal. I’ll take care of it,” a caring deep voice comforts it.

I closed my eyes hoping I fell back asleep. Please let me wake up, please. I feel something shake me. I open my eyes. I’m in bed. Thank god I’m in bed. I see her. My Stacey. Everything is alright. “You fell asleep again!”

“I’m sorry! Let’s go check your room.”