One day there was a house. It looked like a sweet tiny little house in a nice neighborhood. A girl named Beth bought it, but she did not know that she wouldn’t be in it alone.

“Finally, my own house, ” Beth thought. She carried her boxes inside, as the moving truck drove away. She looked around her new home and thought of all the wonderful things she could decorate it with. She began to unpack a few pictures and wall decorations. She hung them up all over the house to make it her’s.

“This is going to be great,” she said to herself.

She heard a thump in the walls and it made her jump. “It must be some squirrels or something.”

A demon was crawling through the walls. He was watching her get comfortable in the house.

“I’m glad someone moved in. I thought I was going to starve to death here,” the demon thought to himself. “I’ll wait until she falls asleep before I start my meal.”

That night when Beth fell asleep the demon latched on and began his feast. The next day, she felt weird when she woke up. She chalked it up to being somewhere new.

6 months later.

“I don’t know what it is but I’ve been feeling down these past few months. Now I think I have a fever,” Beth said to her friend.

“Maybe you should go to the doctor,” Beth’s friend advised.

“I already did. They gave me something for it but they are not sure what it is exactly.”

“I’m sorry. Well, feel better. I’ll talk to you later,” Beth’s friend said as she hung up the phone.

Beth put her phone away and went into her bathroom. She looked into her mirror and her reflection stared back. She got some water from the sink and took the pills her doctor gave her. When she looked back into the mirror something wasn’t right. The reflection became disfigured and began to move. Beth screamed and collapsed onto the ground.

“Beth, get up. The ground is dirty.” a voice said to her. She slowly stood up and looked into the mirror. She saw a shadowy figure with a ram skull and had huge horns. It began to speak again, “Hello Beth. I thought we could finally meet now that you are on the downhill slope.”

“You are not real. The fever must be messing with me.” Beth said to the figure.

“Me? Why I most certainly are real. A real demon, in the flesh” The figure stepped out of the mirror. His cloak flung around him. Beth screamed and ran out of the room.

“I hate it when they run. It’s so futile.” The demon said walking into the living room. “I guess I’ll just sit on the couch until she wears herself out.” The demon propped his feet on the coffee table and began to read the TV Guide. Beth ran into the room screaming with a bible in her hand. The demon turned to look at her. She began to beat him with the book.

“Ow! What the frick? Stop that,” he yelled with his arms up defending himself. Beth stopped hitting the demon. She saw that the bible wasn’t really hurting him, and fell to the ground. She began to cry.

“Why are you in my house? Why didn’t hitting you with the bible do anything? Why are you reading my TV Guide?” she asked.

“Well first off, this is my house. I was here first. Second, because I am not a low-level demon. Although, you did hit me pretty hard. Third, I like watching TV,” the demon responded, offended by her questions. The demon sighed and continued, “None of these are the answers you want to hear. You probably want to know about how I am the reason you feel so sick and why you are only getting sicker. Well, it is because I latched onto you and I am going to suck the life out of you until you die.”

“Oh,” Beth said. She let it all sink in, trying to think of ways to get rid of the demon. She didn’t want to die. As her mind is racing. She began to cough and could not stop. With every cough, blood goes everywhere.

“That sucks. At this point, you probably only have a few more hours to go. That’s why I let you see me, now. I always like to meet my food. You see, in the beginning, I started draining really slow. You probably heard me in the walls and whatnot. But as soon the fever sets in I start to drain all at once. I like my meals hot.” Beth finally stops coughing and looks up at the demon. Her blood all over her clothes and down her chin.

“Oh, dear. You look dreadful.” The demon stated. He picked her up off the floor and carried her and put her in her bed. He walked off and came back with some water. He helped Beth drink some.

“Why?” Beth asked.

“Well, you looked like you needed it. Just because I am a demon doesn’t mean I can’t help you.”

“No. Not that. Why? Why me?”

“Oh. Hunger mostly. It has nothing against you. I live here and wait for people to move in so I can eat them.” Beth accepted the facts.

“Stay here with me until I die,” Beth asked the demon.

“I normally leave at this point. This tends to make me sad.”

“Well grow a pair. I’m not dying alone.”

The demon crawled in bed with Beth and stayed with her as she withered away.