A group of friends get a letter from a mysterious wizard named, Dr. Frank. The wizard has heard of the group and calls on them to help his town. In the center of town a deep dark hole has opened. They do not know what is in the hole but strange noises and smells come from it. Dr. Frank is sure it’s trouble. 

The town is a fair size with a few large estates, local shops, churches, and homes of the townspeople.

When the group arrives, Dr. Frank welcomes them into his estate on the edge of town. He is a tall, thin, well dressed man with hollow eyes. He appears to be very wealthy and loved by the town. 

He explains the situation in further detail. Some of the nuns from the local church of Arantar (LG god of peace) have gone missing, one of them being his niece. He thinks whatever is in the hole has taken them. He fears that something demonic and twisted is happening to them. 

He also explains what he has heard about the group and would like to test it before they go down the hole.

Dr. Frank takes them to a large field with loud moans in the distance. He says to kill and obtain the flesh from the creatures. When asked he tells he is very good at crafting flesh golems, and plans to make one to keep in the town for protection while they go down the hole.