It’s march of 1692. 

The courthouse is full for another witch trial. 

Samantha Briggs is on trial.

“Samantha, the charges against you are overwhelming.” The judge announces.

“They aren’t true! I’m not a witch! You have to believe me!” Samantha pleads.

“Stop! Stop your lying. You have hurt these poor girls!”

Three teenage girls sit in the front of the court rows. They all have a smirk on their faces.

“I have not! They are the guilty ones. They are only doing this because I won’t do their bidding.” Samantha screams.

One of the girls starts to pretend to choke. The others started to follow. 

“Stop hurting them!” The judge yells.

“I’m not. If it was me you’d know it.” Samantha’s voice changed from scared to evil. Everyone went silent. The girls froze in fear. 

“I knew you were a witch! You shall die just like your brethren did.” The judge gloated.

“Ha! You’ve killed more innocent people then brethren. We still walk among you, because you are easily tricked. Those girls made you think anyone was a witch. Why, there are more of us then innocents now.” Samantha said. 

The girls started to actually start choking. Everyone shrieked. “Liar!” The judge screamed and then began to cough up blood. Samantha stood up and walked through the courtroom. “You will stop these witch trials, if you want to keep any of your own alive. We witches have lived peacefully here but we will retaliate.”  All of the girls’ heads spun around and their necks snapped. Samantha walked out of the courtroom.