A girl screams in pain. She is tied down to a bed. A tired priest is shouting from the Bible, yeeting a cross around like a mad man. They have been here for hours with little to no relief. Suddenly, Her eyes roll back into her head and she feels a ripping sensation. A demon crawls out her mouth. It is sucked into the floor straight back to Hell. 

Well, I get you’re wondering how all this happened. How I ended up like this. It’s a long story so let’s start from the beginning. 

You can call me Carl by the way. Most humans have a hard time saying my real name. I am a low level demon from the back side of Hell. I was one of the demons that made sure the torture level demons were happy and that the weapons were stocked. Sometimes, I even got to clean the ouija boards. 

I got in this stupid mess because I’m too curious. I’ve always wanted to be human. They are so strange. Their little lives are full of whimsy. I just wanted to be a part of that. So one night while I was cleaning I saw the possession brigade marching into the human world. I wanted to go so badly that I snuck in. I remember being terrified, my heart beating out of my chest and sweat rolling down my face, but when I made it to the human side it was beautiful… 

“You know the drill, possess and wreak havoc,” an older demon commanded. A line of young demons stood in a line all excited to finally be in the field. Carl hiding behind a tall bush. He knew if he was seen he would be sent right back home. He waited for them to finish. It took what seemed like ages, but finally they all scattered into different humans. Carl knew he still had to get out of this area so he ran. He ran as far as he could and then some. He was not going to be found. He was feeling tired and weak. He needed a host and fast. 

“So do you think Martha is going to get a new haircut? It looks terrible,” a girl gossiped to her friend. Her friend was a tall girl with long blonde hair and tan skin. 

“She’s the one. She is beautiful and has a full life,” Carl thought so himself. He waited until she was alone and jumped in…

Ok so I jumped in the first human I saw but that doesn’t make me “easy.”  Being in her life was the best thing in the world.  Her life was full of something everyday. She was a nurse and went to a book club. I was happy…

Carl walked into the library for his book club. He had read the book five times to make sure he had it right. He walked into the room of his new friends and felt at home.

 “Hey Cindy! Don’t you just love this book,” an excited woman yelled.

“Yes! I just love how the author writes so elegant and creative,” Carl answered. He sat down in his normal seat and started to gossip. 

“We have a new recruit tonight,” one of the girls announced. 

Carl looked up and saw the one thing he dredged most. A demon was possessing that body. It looked straight at Carl and smiled…

What happened next was hard. He killed everyone there, but me. Blood was all over that room. He was confused why I didn’t help him at first but then something clicked. He knew who I was. Apparently, Hell was looking for me. You’re not supposed to just leave without permission…

A blood curdling scream that would make skin crawl came from the girl. People came rushing in. 

“OH GOD. OH GOD. IT’S SO HORRIBLE! WHAT SHE DID WAS HORRIBLE! THAT WOMAN IS A DEMON!” The demon was making a scene and framing Carl. The people looked at him and the girl. They were not convicted. Then the girl exploded. The demon made her explode before leaving her body. They all turned and looked at Carl… 

After that they took me to a church and you know the rest. I am telling you this because I wanted someone to understand. Understand why I went out there and that it was the best time of my life. My life is now over. I have been sentenced to endless torture for my crime.

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