I’m just laying here, staring at the ceiling. It’s pitch black and my brain hasn’t stopped talking. That’s all i can hear. Its hateful words surround me in this bed. Each moment gets louder and louder. I can’t take this anymore!

I jump up and grab a knife and a drill. These are the only tools I need. This will get it out of my head.

I look into the bathroom mirror and begin cutting a hole in my forehead. Blood streams down my face and tries to get in my eye. I start cutting again. Going deeper and deeper. Tearing muscle tissue and ripping skin away. It seems to take eternity, but I finally reach it. Bone. I grab the drill and put it up to my open skull. Blood is covering my hands making it hard to hold. I turn it on. This is it. I’ll finally be free! It will leave me alone.

The drill is so loud against my head, I can barely stand it. I have to concentrate so hard to make sure I don’t drill into my brain.

I make it through. My head is in so much pain. I take the knife and cut through the small layer between the brain and skull.

Pressure! So much pressure. I scream in agony. Then it stopped. I open my eyes and see exactly what it thought I would. A dark figure stands before me.

“You think you can get rid of me that easily,” it screeches. “I am here forever! I am your eternity!”

I step back and grab the knife.

“You won’t do it. You have no courage. You’re trash and always will be! God, now that i can see you. I know i’m right when i say that your ugly and weak.”

I strike at it with my knife only hitting part of its body. It screams in pain. I start swinging the knife around hitting it over and over. Until it’s dying breath, it keeps yelling harsh words.

It’s over. Then it goes black.

The next day.

“She was already dead when we found her. Carved up her own face and drilled into her skull. She passed from a brain hemorrhage, ” A paramedic explains to his friend.

“Was she on drugs?”

“No, but her family said that she suffered from depression and anxiety. I think it finally got to her I guess,” the paramedic says.

“She should have gotten help and none of this would have happened. She could have prevented this. She is just another kid gone wrong,” the friend points out.