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Motel 3

The early morning air is crisp and cold. I walk down the walkway of the motel with my maid’s cart. My new coworker, Tamara, is talking nonstop about how happy she is to be here. Meanwhile, I’d rather be dead. We have done about three rooms so far this morning and I’m already over it. …

I Want To Be Your Only One

It’s late and the night has already stolen the sky.  I lay in bed and I feel the soft sheets against my skin. Looking at the home screen on my phone, my eyes are wide but my brain is still.  “I’m coming to bed,” my husband says walking past to the master bath.  I lay…

I Need Some Space

“You’re late.” I hear a harsh voice say as I sneak into the base. I turn and look. It’s my boss.  “I had to stop on the way here and fix my tire,” I lie.  “Sure you did, Lenny. Is it the same tire from last week?” I go to spout another lie, but he…


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June 2023

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